Cormack family

Cormack - BEW Eyemouth. Thomas Cormack b. 1773 married Euphemia (Elspet) COLLIN b. 1766, on 4th May 1797 in Coldingham. Their son John b. 1805 married Agnes LAUDER on 29.10.1830, daughter of David Lauder and Margaret JOHNSTON.

John and Agnesís children were Thomas b. 1833 (married Janet SHERLAW), David 1834, Margaret 1836, John 1838, Robert 1840 (married Janet COLVEN), Agnes 1842, Elizabeth 1844 (married Joseph COLLIN), Daniel 1846 and Alexander 1847.

Alexander b. 1847 married 15.3.1875 Margaret DEAS b. 31.12.1852 daughter of David Deas and Isobel Deas. Alexander and Margaretís children were John (married Isa PATICK), Isabella 1881 (married Frank MILLIGAN), Agnes (married Kit WINTHROP), Meg (married Jimmie GRAHAM), Alec 1887 (married Helen Paisley COWAN), Elizabeth 1890 (married Jimmy BELL) and Alice 1892.

Alice b. 13.11.1892 married Fergus SCOON.