Gretton family

Gretton - LAN Salford.
Son - John Gretton born ca1781,(died 1860) married 9.4.1806 Margaret STEDMAN born c1787 in London.
Their children were
Sarah 1807 married unknown FISHER (Tunbridge Wells - no children);
Charlotte Catherine 1810 married Dr William ARROWSMITH, (their daughter Agnes bap 15.10.1840 married her cousin Edward Beazley Gretton);
Thomas Vawdrey 1811 married Elizabeth BROWN at Bury, 1840, (Thomas, a Captain in the Army with his regiment stationed at Manchester Barracks, aged 29 with wife Elizabeth arrived in New Zealand in 1840. He was sent out by the English Government, to see if Nelson in NZ could be made into a township. Thomas and two Royal Engineers were drowned in a mishap - post April 1841. In 1844 Elizabeth married a widower James LADLEY);
Mary Thorne 1815 married unknown Dr BLACKSHAW (He was killed at Hounslow. In the 1881 census, at their home "The Laurels" Mary was living with sisters Sarah and Margaret.)
Eliza Wickstead married 1863, a widower Robert WIGGINS (with 3 sons and a daughter at a manor farm called Kitteran. When Wiggans died - no children, she was left money to live on until her second marriage to a Rev Edgar HEWLETT (1881 census shows living at Bath Rd cottage);
Dorothy born 16.7.1818 married 26.8.1840 Thomas Henry TOMKIES;
Betsey 1821;
George 1824, and,
Margaret 1824.

Son - Hamlet Gretton born ca1793 we think in Liverpool. He was a doctor in partnership with a Dr Wood and in the Royal Infirmary in Manchester in the 1840's. He married Jane WEST. He died on 25.5.1844 at Dukinfield. In the 1851 census his widow Jane, daughter Helen and son Edward, were living at 6 Stamford St, Ashton under Lyne. Helen bap 27.5.1838 was known as Nellie.
Edward Beazley Gretton bap 18.10.1840 married cousin Agnes Gretton ARROWSMITH. Their children were Harold 1870 (died young), Ethel, Lance (killed in 1932), Charlotte (married and had twin daughters Betty and Nancy born in 1917), and Elsie. This family emigrated to Australia in the 1880's.

Chaddock Hall - Boothstown

Chaddock Hall meant a lot to the Gretton family.
Elizabeth who had a boarding school moved to Chaddock Hall about 1850. She was joined by Sarah after her husband died and Margaret who was unmarried. The three sisters opened a boarding school for young ladies and to facilitate matters John and Margaret Gretton went to live at Grove Cottage on the estate. Dorothy, who had started a young ladies day school in Trafalgar St, Nelson and had returned from New Zealand in 1851, joined her sisters. Chaddock Hall was a girls school of high repute and well supported.
The "boys" - John Gretton, Thomas Henry Tomkies (Jnr) and Edward Wright Tomkies were sent to a boarding school - St Anne's in London but stayed at Chaddock Hall in the school holidays.
The sisters taught there until they felt the call of the years. Sometime after 1869 they then closed the school perhaps influenced in part by Elizabeth's remarriage to Edgar Hewlett.
It was probably then that Dorothy and daughter Dora started their school at 39 Victoria Rd, West Derby, Liverpool and when the 1881 census was taken they were still at this address and both, Teachers. Dorothy died on 31st December 1893 at Town Green, Aughton. When Eliza died in 1899, she left the contents of her house to Dora and it was then that Dora and husband James William (Will) CLARKE who married in W Derby in 1881, left for South Africa.