Schdroski family

Schdroski - POLAND. Anton Szczodrowski b. 4.9.1848 the eighth child of a family of nine. Anton married Julianna Krakowsky in May 1875. His home town was Malsau, Leibschau in Danzig. Anton and Julianna with Antonís elder brother Joseph emigrated to New Zealand in 1875. Because of Typhoid fever the vessel was directed to Soames Island Wellington. It was there that Julianna gave birth to their child on 29th Jan 1876, and the following day both she and the baby died.

The Obelisk reads - Juliane Kakrowski Seodrowsky and baby Seodrowsky aged 1 day died 30th January 1876.

After being sent to Jackson's Bay for work the brothers made their way to Taranaki and it was there that Anton met Johanna MYSZEWSKA (now MISCHEFSKI) and they married 30.9.1876.

Johanna was born in Kokoszken, Stargard, Poland on 15.9.1856. Her father Mathias Mysewski married twice. His first wife Anna Nowicka bore him two sons, Johann and Mattheas and then she died. Within a few years he married Catherina JENDRNALIK and a further nine children were born. Johanna was the seventh child.

In April 1876 Johanna with her half brother Johann and his wife and family and her older sister Lucia, emigrated to New Zealand. After some difficulty about allowing foreigners to land the Myszewski family found themselves in New Plymouth.

Johann and wife Carolina and their family settled in the New Plymouth area where he eventually acquired land and Johann became naturalised. They had a large family and their children also had large families and today their descendants are scattered far and wide throughout New Zealand and Australia.

After Anton and and Johanna married they moved to Sydney and their first child Francis was born 6.6.1878 in Marrickville. Other children were
John Joseph 1880 died in infancy;
Bridget 1882 married 21.12.1901 Edgar Albert SCOTT;
Michael 1883;
Alexander John 1885;
Bernard 1887;
Lucy Florence 1892.

Anton and Johanna moved back to New Zealand after the turn of the century and after spending a few years in Taranaki they moved to Hastings. Here Anton died in 1923 and is buried in Hastings cemetery. Johanna moved to Hamilton with her daughter Mary Scott and her husband and two children. Her youngest daughter Lucy who was unmarried was also living with them. Francis who was also married and raising a family at this time remained in Hastings. There were three other sons who remained in Australia with Johanna's sister Lucia and her husband Alexander LEIS. Johanna died in Hamilton 7 months after Anton and is buried in the Hamilton West cemetery. This branch of the family spelled their name Schdroski as it is today.

Francis Lawrence b. 6.6.1878 married 16.12.1905, Florence ANDERSON, seventh child of William Henry Anderson and Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON. Francis and Florence Schdroski children were Jack Francis b. 21.2.1905 died 1971 married 29.10.1924 Agnes BALCHIN then 1948 Alice May MICHELL).
William Roy b. 15.8.1907 died 1976 married 27.2.1935 Elizabeth Fisher SCOON.
George Edgar b. 9.1.1910 died 1981 married 6.8.1938 Gweneth Winnie MOYLE.
Frances Lucy b. 13.8.1912 married 17.10.1935 James COATES then 15.12.1950 Leslie Arthur WAITES.
Joannah Mary b. 24.12.1915 married 27.4.1942 Alan Douglas JENSEN.
Francis Lawrence b. 11.1.1918 died 1944.
Anthony b. 25.3.1921 died 1945.
Clarence Leo b. 11.3.1923 married 2.9.1944 Gladys Patricia ENGLAND.
Shirley Irene b. 2.12.1925 married Arthur William YOUNG then 30.1.1953 Terence William GILL then 1964 John Bennett FOSTER then 1977 Trevor BALLANTYNE.
Adorine b. 8.4.1928 died 1928.
Patricia Leone b. 20.12.1929 died 1973 married 24.6.1948 Dennis Godfrey KING.
Bruce Ian b. 4.2.1935 married 5.5.1962 Judith Marie GRIFFITHS.

William (Roy) b. 15.8.1907 second son of Francis and Florence was Margaretís father.

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