Scoon family

Scoon - DFS Langholm. The Scoon family, for 250 years anyway, farmed Todshawhill (Hawick), a John and a Robert succeeding each other. Todshawhill was amalgamated with Chapelhill when the Scoon's emigrated to the USA in the early 1850's. Robert was the last tenant.
Walter Scoon, son of John, was born in 1753 in Roberton and resided at Todshawhill. He married Mary ELLIOT b. 1761 daughter of John Elliot and Margaret SANDERSON on 26.3.1779.
Walter and Mary's children were John 1780, Margaret 1780, Robert 1782, Walter 1785, Robert 1788, James 1790 and William 1794. Walter Scoon b. 1785 married 31.8.1810 Elizabeth YOUNG and then 27.1.1823 Janet STOTHART daughter of James Stothart and Isabella DIXON. Walter and Janet�s children were Walter 1811 (married Agnes Wilson), John, Margaret, James, John, Janet, James (all died in infancy), Robert 1824, William 1826, (Auld Kirkyaird - White Hill - Langholm - MI - William Scoon, Painter, died 20 Mar 1846, age 20), Isabella 1828, Mary 1830, Elizabeth 1831 and James.

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Robert Scoon bap. 22.8.1824 married on 18.1.1850 Elizabeth PARK b. 1828 Rockcliffe, Cumberland.
Joseph Park married Mary JOHNSTONE. Their son Fergus Park b. 8.9.1800 married Mary IRVING 10.6.1826. Children were Elizabeth b. 1828, Mary b. 12.12.1830 and Joseph b. 13.4.1834. Joseph married Janet MURRAY.
Robert (a Blacksmith in Langholm) and Elizabeth�s children were William 1851, Fergus 1853, Janet 1856, Walter 1858 (married Mary STEEL at Falkirk), Mary Elizabeth 1860 (married John MORTON) died 25.5.1912 at Falkirk), Robert 1862, Janet 1863 (married John SHIELDS, then John BAIRD), died 27.3.1942 at Falkirk, Josephine 1866, Isabella 1869 (married John LIDDLE) died 13.9.1951 at Falkirk, and John James 1870. After Robert died in 1878, Elizabeth moved to Falkirk to be near her children. It was here she died on 8.4.1889 and is buried in the Camelon cemetery.

William b. 7.7.1851 married on 18.9.1875, Elizabeth FISHER daughter of John Fisher and Helen BEATTIE ms KERR. William and Elizabeth�s children were John Fisher (Scoon) 1875, Robert 1877, Helen 1879 (married Alexander SHARP), Elizabeth 1881, William 1883, Mary Elizabeth (married Walter GILLESPIE), Alfred 1886, Fergus 1888 and William 1893 (married Jeannie Corrie LAIDLAW).

Fergus b. 22.12.1888 married 21.9.1911 Alice Collin CORMACKdaughter of Alexander Cormack and Margaret DEAS.

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