Skinner family

Skinner - KEN Chatham. Dunstan and Frusannah Skinner's children were Mary Lamprey 1793 (married William YOUNG); John Joseph 1795 (married Elizabeth and son John Dunstan b. 1825, Rochester); William Dunstan 1796; George Tucker 1799; Stephen Page 1801 (married Caroline MERRALLS, son Dunstan b. 1827, then married Ann PEARSON); Catherine Elizabeth 1803 and Charles Oben 1806.

George Tucker Skinner b. 10.5.1799 married Amelia Jane STOKES c 1826. Amelia was born 7.11.1806 to William and Elizabeth Stokes in Alfriston East Sussex and we think they were married in Brighton. William Stokes was Commissary of Brighton. Children to George and Amelia were George Tucker 1829 (died 20.1.1892 unmarried), Elizabeth Jane 1830, Amelia Jane 1831, Elizabeth Selina 1835, William Henry 1837, Augustus 1840, Charles Richard 1842, Elizabeth Stokes 1846 and Frances Mary 1850. George Tucker SKINNER (Snr) died at Lee, Lewisham 21.7.1874 and Amelia Jane SKINNER died a year later on 4.6.1875 same address.

Amelia Jane Skinner b. 1831 married 25.3.1856 Harry Albert ATKINSON. Harry Atkinson was Premier of New Zealand for the first time in 1876 - 7. Construction of their home had delayed their marriage. Their home called "Hurworth cottage" is located today at 906 Carrington Rd, New Plymouth and is owned by the NZ Historic Places Trust. Amelia's death is covered in the book - "Born to NZ" by Frances Porter, page 222.

William Henry Skinner born 4.4.1837 and was in the Navy during the Crimean war. On leaving the Navy he came to New Zealand to join his sister Amelia who had settled in Taranaki. He married on 28th July 1864, Agnes DUNBAR. William and Agnes's children were :
William Alex George b. 1865 (married Clara HICKS) in 1890,
Agnes 1867, dau Daisy Reade SKINNER married Vincent MEAD (Agnes married John ANDERSON in 1897),
Charles John Dunbar (Jock) 1869 (married Aggie SPEEDY),
David Frazer 1872 (married Clara LARSEN),
Robert Stokes 1874 (married Louise CHETTLEBURGH),
Harry (Henry) b. 1877 died Natal South Africa 3.7.1900,
James MacAdam 1880.

James b. 30.9.1880 was part of the 8th Contingent B Squadron and sailed from Auckland on 1.2.1902. He returned to NZ, then went back to South Africa and joined the Natal Mounted Police. It was there he met and married Grace Brunton BURNESS daughter of John Burness and Janet THOMSON.

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