Tompkins family

Tompkins - Australia. When Thomas Henry Tomkies (Snr) married Dorothy Gretton both were living in Salford. Thomas was a leather merchant like his father. He left for New Zealand just after Thomas Henry Tomkies (Jnr) was born. Dorothy, John and Thomas joined him in 1847.

Edward Wright was born in Nelson on 7.9.1848 and then Dora 29.8.1849. Dorothy and the children then went back to England in 1851. John died in 1862; Thomas Henry married Elizabeth Ann Austin; Edward returned to the West Coast, New Zealand after staying 15 years in England; Dora married James William Clarke.

In 1876 Edward married Annie Tomkies (a relative - daughter of George Tomkies) in Melbourne and returned to New Zealand. Children were Edward Percival 1877 and Ernest George 1878. Later Annie with the children returned to Melbourne and married William Lane.

Ernest then left Melbourne and went to West Australia and joined the Police force. He changed his name to Tompkins and the Tompkins family of Western Australia are descended from Ernest George Tompkins, formerly Tomkies, the second son of Edward Wright Tomkies and Annie.